Core Slide Valves

For central discharge and control of difficult materials.

Double Dump Valves

Designed to control the flow of solids and powders particularly where loss of vacuum or pressure is to be avoided, in applications such as dust filter discharges.

The twin flaps are sequenced and controlled by gravity, pneumatic or electric operation and are available in a variety of materials to suit even the most arduous conditions where replaceable liners may be necessary.

Bucket Diverter Valves

To control material in gravity flow applications from a a single inlet to two outlets.

Additional Valves

To suit the specific application various bespoke valves have been designed and manufactured, including:

  • Multivane Valves
  • Twin Bladed Slide Valves
  • Multi Plated Slide Valves
  • Plastic Valves
  • Rod Gates
  • Clam Shells
  • Special Purpose and Customised Designs