SLIDE VALVES (available in ATEX)

Slide Valves are incorporated into a material handling system to control the flow of material, whether for operational use or maintenance purposes.

  • Construction: Robustly constructed for light, medium or heavy duty applications
  • Controls: Pneumatic, push/pull, handwheel, motorised, hydraulic
  • Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, part stainless, part mild steel
  • Finish: Powder coated / wet painted, natural, bead blast, polished or custom
  • Plate Seal: Glad type, DRF type
  • Slide: Thickness to suit, Square or knife edged
  • Support: Eccentric Support Studs (PETP, Mild Steel, Stainless-Steel)
  • Inlets: Square, round or rectangular
  • Outlets: Square or rectangular with optional transition piece to round flange or stub
  • Bespoke: Customised design & construction for your specific application
  • Typical Duties: Bin, hopper and silo isolation, screw feeder & conveyor shut-off, in-flight catchments & weighing applications
  • Deflectors: Vertical as standard (no obstruction, hang-up or wear areas exposed to the product flow) or inclined where a common inlet and outlet size are essential.

Slide plate stops short of the frame to remove any build up  |  Studs are round and shouldered to allow the material to fall away, down each side  |  Studs are strong low friction PETP and are eccentric to allow adjustment so that the slide plate can be set snug to the deflectors.